Niklas is a skilled, gifted and highly attuned practitioner.
This Zen Shiatsu massage came at one of the most intense and challenging time of my life. I am grieving, exhausted and my nervous system is in shock.
Nick was able to hold space and be with all of it. His intuitive approach and competence allowed me to relax and trust fully the process. I experienced great releases at all levels, from laughter (first time ever!) to cry, from silence to sounds emerging.
At the end of the session I was in a place of deep stillness and peace.
The quality of Nik’s listening and tracking is remarkable.
Last but not least, after many sleepless nights, I finally slept last night.
Half way through the massage, I spoke and said “I hope you are on Yelp. I want to write a review. People need to know about you!” Here I am! (Yelp Reviews)
I highly recommend you give yourself the treat of Nik’s touch.
Valerie C.


Niklas is a gifted and competent body worker. I’ve received hundreds of massages over the years and Nik’s on the top of my list by way of consistency and excellence. Nik’s exceptional sensitivity and advanced practice modalities in Shiatsu, Structural Integration, Deep Tissue and Esalen Massage make him the one of the choice practitioners on the Central Coast.
Matthew M.


Some of the best massage I have ever received. I appreciate his style of communication – responsive but not intrusive. He asked about pressure; asked for permission; asked about my responses, etc. but did not interfere with my relaxation. But mainly, his touch is confident and intuitive and wonderful.
Michelle H.


I can’t say enough good things about Nik’s style of body massage.
As a healer myself the first thing I look for is someone who really understands the dynamics of how the body works and someone who not only works according to what they see but lean in intuitively and work according to what they feel. Time and again I can rely on him to tap into just what my body needs to regain and achieve balance. He is intuitive, thorough and effective in his approach and in a class of his own.
I highly recommend him to both my clients and personal friends.
Dr. J