tsubo point thumb pressure massage

The massage work I offer is influenced by many years at the Esalen Institute deep on the south coast of Big Sur – long, slow, steady, integrated strokes, deepening as the body begins to relax, trust and let go.

A foundation in Zen Shiatsu affords more dynamic technique and meridian work to tone and release blockages as appropriate during a session, and a background in body-mind-centering, amongst other progressive therapies, adds subtle layers of complexity as deepening unwinding and relaxation occur.

Relying on intuition to inform and guide during the silent dialogue between practitioner and client, a session becomes a form of poetic dance, creating space in the body for increased ease, openness, and expansive awareness.

I like to use coconut oil (organic, cold pressed) for this work, which absorbs easily and is a nourishing food for the skin. A bit of kneading, a dash of cinnamon perhaps, and you will feel deeply relaxed, re-balanced, light and delicious when you float off the table at the end of a session!

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